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2023 Soft Tumult

The state of being too close to life and forgetfulness always triggers a kind of nostalgia for the near future when one falls into the familiar images of everyday life, and with it, a feeling of less clarity about the empty concept and atmosphere of life.


Between the fascination and fatigue of everyday images, there is still a sense that there are some inaccessible and undescribed corners where they communicate silently, always distant and noisy, trying to escape from my subjective grasp while being left in blurred focus.


It is not clear whether it is the intuitive proximity of the painting or the deliberate choice between the gaps and the tendencies of the painting, but rather the constant collaboration with the subject.


I always want to think about it again in a way that I am not aware of my presence. In the end there may not be a little expression of it, but even so, it is always in the collective in an inclusive and quiet way.

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